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These beautiful rustic door stops have been created from reclaimed oak, once part of the frame of a small barn this old cracked, twisted and wonderfully aged oak can now become part of your lounge, bedroom or hallway.


I have a limited quantity of this oak and each piece will be slightly different as some pieces have cracks, nail holes (nails removed) and other signs of wear and tear.


Each door stop comes with a black chain loop and the wood will be sanded smooth but can be left natural or oiled which darkens the wood but draws out all of the details such as the grain.



We offer laser engraving on all of our door stops, if you wish to get one engraved please let us know the message and we will send you a draft image first.


We offer two different types of door stop:


4" x 8" 
Small: 4" tall 
Large: 7" tall

4" x 4"
Small: 4" tall

Large: 7" tall

Reclaimed Oak Door Stop

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